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Are You Afraid of Visiting a Dentist?

Are You Afraid of Visiting a Dentist?

It might be due to an incident in your childhood or an unexplainable phobia but many people can’t explain why they don’t have the courage to visit a dentist. They try to avoid them for regular check-ups and have a lot of anxiety, even when they really are in need or oral medical care. For some, it might be the cleaning procedures and drilling that illicit the ‘fear’ response while others have no explanation to justify their behavior. At times, it can be very distressing and a huge problem. Here is how you can deal with this issue:

Accept Your Fear

Acceptance is the first step. If you keep denying that you have a problem, how can you find a solution for it? So firstly, accept that you have this fear. Then, give a thought to the nature of the fear; is it rational or irrational? If it is rational, then accept the rational explanation you give yourself for it and if it is not, then acknowledge that fact as well.

Face It

I know you’d be thinking “Easier said than done” but really, facing it is the next step in order to overcome it. Make a silent or vocal conversation with yourself and ask yourself these questions:

  • What exactly is it that you fear?
  • Is the fear related to the whole procedure or just particular things like needles, drills, etc.?
  • Is there any experience in the past that is fueling your fear?
  • What possible solutions are there to this problem?

Seek Answers

You can do this in two ways: do research on your own or talk to your dentist about the concerns you have. It is very important that you become vocal about the issue you have, the fears that you have been facing and discussing how to handle them. Once your caretaker health professional knows what is disturbing you, he/she would do a better job at clearing things out for you. This way, you will have peace of mind and be more relaxed when visiting the clinic for a treatment.


When your doctor gives you any advice or discusses the merits of any particular treatment, process or technology, listen to them. Don’t just hear what they are saying but try to understand how it will work in your favor. Don’t pay a deaf ear to what they share with you. This will help you have a better understanding and you will feel autonomous as well. Knowing what you will be facing or what you are opting to do will help your control your nerves in times of anxiety as well.

The risk of diseases having co-morbid conditions and becoming complex is very high in this era; you cannot afford to risk your health. Visit a sound minded dentist as soon as you have a problem. Our recommendation would be family dentist in Spring, TX.