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Debunking the 5 Common Myths about Root Canal Procedure

Debunking the 5 Common Myths about Root Canal Procedure

There are many misconceptions related to the root canal treatment. If you were told by your dentist that you require an orthodontic procedure of root canal, chances are that one of your acquaintances or false information on the internet scared you about the procedure. The myths about root canal do not just disseminate false rumors that it is a highly painful technique but also go on as far as to state that it is an extremely dangerous process. Therefore, Saifee Family Dentistry wants to debunk these 5 common root canal myths:

  1. Root Canal is only required when you suffer from severe pain

Yes, most of the patients requiring a root canal are in extreme pain, but that is not always the case. However, it is not necessary for your tooth to ache before the procedure. Sometimes, a dead tooth, discovered during a routine checkup, does not cause pain. It is important to have a root canal so that infection can be prevented.

  1. Implant is better than rescuing your tooth by root canal

The truth is that if your tooth can be rescued, then it is the best available option. There is no replacement for a natural tooth. Artificial tooth sometimes have food precautions. So if your dentist suggests a tooth extraction, ask if a root canal can be done instead. Root canals have a high success rate and most of the time the rescued tooth lasts for a lifetime.

  1. Root canal is painful

This is perhaps the biggest myth about root canal by far. It causes unnecessary qualms in the patients before the orthodontic procedure. Local anesthesia is given and under such sedation dentistry, the process is just as painful as a normal cavity filling process. The root canal is aimed to reduce the pain – not cause it.

  1. Root canal treatment is dangerous and causes illness

This myth dates back a century. The research that presented root canal to be a dangerous method is poorly researched and not true. There is no scientific evidence that links the treatment to a disease or illness caused by it. It is a safe procedure that eliminates the bacteria causing the inflammation and pain, preventing the reoccurrence while preserving the natural tooth.

  1. Root canal effects are temporary

This is completely false. Root canal has a long lasting effect and most of the time the natural tooth is restored to serve you your entire life. The final restoration of the crown is the key process. If the crown fits perfectly, you are set for life! You will just have to observe good oral hygiene to ensure that the tooth lasts for a lifetime.

Is your tooth aching terribly? You might want to get an oral checkup. Visit Saifee Family Dentistry for a checkup where we perform totally safe and secure dental procedures.