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Helping Your Children Maintain Dental Hygiene

Helping Your Children Maintain Dental Hygiene

The best way to make sure that your children do not have dental problems is to instill in them the right values about dental hygiene. Most of our patients who need the most extensive procedures done are the ones who never had a good dental hygiene. Many parents simply leave it at “Brush your teeth” and do not take the necessary steps to ensure that their child is keeping his/her teeth properly clean. If you’re reading this it means you are concerned about the dental hygiene of your child, and you will be surprised if you learnt how many people don’t. As long as you do the following things your children will face no issues with maintaining great dental hygiene and health.

1) Teach them why brushing is necessary

If you want to make sure your kids practice proper hygiene it is important that you make them understand why it needs to be done. Otherwise kids will tend to skip brushing their teeth or rush while brushing. The important thing is to explain it in a very kid friendly way. If you want to make it more memorable for kids make up a story about how cavity is the bad guy attacking their teeth and how toothpaste is the superhero who fights the cavities. Engage your children so they feel motivated to clean their teeth.

2) Teach them proper brushing techniques

If you tell kids to brush their teeth and don’t give them proper directions they will just and up cleaning from the front. This is dangerous as it allows food particles to stay lodged in the teeth at the back of the mouth which can cause damage to them. Tell your kids how they need to brush, make sure they brush lightly, and ensure that they clean all their teeth.

3) Teach them about oral hygiene, not just cleaning teeth

If you want to make sure your kids don’t have to face gum diseases or bad breath teach them ways to keep their mouth clean. Get them some kid friendly mouth wash which they can use to fight off any harmful bacteria or food particles in their mouth.

4) Flossing is necessary

Flossing is ignored by a lot of people. Make sure your kids know the importance of flossing. A lack of flossing can lead to bad breath. Flossing also gets rid of harmful food particles stuck between your teeth.

5) Feed them healthy items

As a parent it is your responsibility to feed your children things that are good for them. It is impossible to keep a kid away from chocolate and candy completely but you need to make sure that consumption of foods with too much sugar is limited. It is okay for them to have candy but then you have to make sure that their lunches and dinners consist of foods that are good for their dental and overall health. If you get them used to healthy eating from the beginning they will eat healthy their whole lives.