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Overcoming Fear of the Dentist Spring TX

Overcoming Fear of the Dentist Spring TX

Overcoming Fear of the Dentist Spring TX

Many people will experience some sort of anxiety or general apprehension about an upcoming dental visit. However, for some people the fear of the dentist goes beyond moderate anxiety, causing them to forgo dental care all together. This deep-rooted phobia can manifest in a variety of ways leaving many people with poor oral health. If you are worried about your next visit to the dentist in Spring TX, there are some tips to help cope with mild or moderate anxiety. Moreover, understanding the difference between phobia and anxiety can help you discover ways to overcome the fear of visiting the dentist in Spring TX.

Understanding the Difference

Experiencing some anxiety before dental treatments and procedures is normal. Especially for people undergoing more extensive dental procedures. However, if you avoid the dentist in Spring TX at all costs, even if you are experiencing severe issues, you may have dental phobia. Dental phobia prevents people from receiving the care they need even when dental treatments require immediate attention. The emotional stress that coincides with visiting the dentist can have a severe impact on your overall health.

What Causes Dental Anxiety and Phobias?

Phobias and anxiety are different for everyone. They stem from a variety of reasons and are often the biggest cause of poor oral health.

Some of the most common reasons people experience dental fear and anxiety are:

Pain. Pain is the biggest cause of dental fear and phobias. Because many people develop these fears early in life it can be hard to realize that with modern dental technology visiting the dentist in Spring TX is now nearly pain free.

Feeling out of control or helpless. For some people, their phobias develop because they don’t feel as if they have control over a situation. Sitting in a dental chair and having to stay still can contribute to the feeling of helplessness. This feeling can trigger anxiety even for those who do not experience extreme dental phobia.

Feeling embarrassed. The mouth can be a guarded portion of our body. Having a stranger looking inside your mouth can often lead to feeling embarrassed, especially if you are self-conscious about your teeth.

If you feel extremely anxious before a dental appointment, or the thought of visiting the dentist in Spring TX makes your physically ill you may have a dental phobia. The caring team of dental professionals at Saifee Family Dentistry can help you feel more comfortable before, during and after dental procedures and treatments. Call our office today to learn more.