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Preparing for Your Child’s First Dental Examination

Preparing for Your Child’s First Dental Examination

Your child’s first dental examination is important because it is the beginning of a journey in maintaining great dental care and hygiene. However, many parents are unsure when they should actually arrange the first examination for their child.

When your child cuts their first tooth, it is time to arrange an appointment with Saifee Family Dentistry. You can also schedule an appointment when your child turns one – even if he or she are one of the rare children who hasn’t cut teeth by their first birthday.

Why so Young?

One of the understandable questions that parents have is: Why does a baby need to visit the dentist? After all, your child will eventually lose their baby teeth. However, your dentist can still determine whether the child will face any issues in the future. It is important to check for problems with the soft palate and jaw, as well as potential decay.

In addition, when your children are introduced to dental care and hygiene from an early age, they are much more likely to maintain good habits throughout their lives. The dentist will also provide you with all the information you need to ensure you are using the right methods, toothbrushes and toothpaste for your child.

Promoting Oral Health with Your Children

Remember, children are new to the world, so they are naturally curious and eager to learn. There exists a wealth of resources which will help you teach your children the importance of oral health. In today’s technological age, you can use apps, interactive media or even books to educate your children and make oral health fun.

You don’t have to wait until after your child’s first dental examination to begin teaching good oral health habits. Oral health education can begin during play and interaction with your child. By incorporating oral hygiene and a familiarity with dental care into games, reading and songs, you will reinforce the importance of maintaining a healthy smile.

As a family, you should make oral healthcare a part of your normal daily activities. Not only should parents brush their teeth with toddlers, but older siblings should get involved, too. Toddlers look to their older siblings for direction and often take their cues from their brothers and sisters. So, when your toddler sees his or her siblings consistently brushing their teeth, it will become second nature to follow suit.

Create a Positive Association with Dental Care

All too often, children develop negative feelings with visiting the dentist due to troublesome influences. When you create a culture of positivity regarding oral health and visits to the dentist, your child won’t feel apprehensive about their routine appointments or any necessary treatments.

Again, you can incorporate fun activities associated with dental appointments, so that your child actually looks forward to check-ups. A very effective way of doing so is by booking block appointments, so that visiting the dentist becomes more of a family tradition than a chore.

Rest for Success

For your child’s very first dental examination, it is vitally important that they are well-rested. If your child has not had enough rest, he or she will not appreciate a dentist poking and prodding around their mouth. Most negative associations and phobias are formed in early childhood, so you don’t want your child associating the dentist’s chair with bad experiences.

To arrange your child’s first dental examination, simply contact Saifee Family Dentistry to book an appointment. We will give you plenty of time to get your child prepared, which will ensure that his or her first dental appointment will go smoothly and make a great first impression.