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Reveal Your Smile with Invisalign

Reveal Your Smile with Invisalign

It is never too late to correct your smile, but the idea of wearing metal on one’s teeth dissuades most from pursuing it. There reason being that they are not in middle or high school anymore; they are a grown adult working in an office environment. However, these days, even the young folks are not big fans of wearing the metal thing in their mouth. Do away with braces, they say!

Their crooked or misaligned teeth force them to visit Dentist Spring to consult about the very thing despise, and this goes for both adults and kids. When they show their displeasure, we tell them about Invisalign or as we like to call it here, your perfect solution! Here are some of things we tell our patients about Invisalign:

1. Acts as a Protective Gear for Your Mouth

After you are done wearing Invisalign for dental cosmetic purposes, you can use it as a protective gear for your teeth. You can wear it at night to prevent you from grinding your teeth, to keep them straight, and to whiten them. They also work as a mouthguard during sporting events. Now, that is money well spent!

2. Increases the Effectiveness of Dental Cleanings

If you used to go for dental cleanings to your dentist before, do you remember how long it took him/her to clean your teeth. With crooked and chipped teeth, dentists find it harder to clean the buildup of bacteria and plague from the teeth.

Although they manage, not all the bacteria and plague is removed successfully. By wearing the clear braces, your teeth will straighten, aligning properly. All your future dental cleanings will be quicker and more effective than before.

3. Reduces Food Impaction

Don’t you hate it when food is stuck in your teeth? The situation of food being lodged in your teeth is worse when you are at a restaurant. The only way to remove it is to use your tongue, excuse yourself to go to the bathroom, or use a toothpick to get out the food. Only then, you will be able to enjoy your evening. The longer the food stays stuck in the teeth, the greater harm it will do to your gums. If you do not want to metal, Dentist Spring recommends you to get Invisalign.

4. Heals Jaw, Neck, and Facial Pain

If you suffer from the symptoms of TMD, you want to consider wearing Invisalign, as they will relieve the symptoms associated with it. If you have the habit of grinding your teeth or have sore facial muscles, Invisalign is an option you should seek out.

5. Improves Gum Positioning and Bone Architecture

Crooked teeth affect the bone architecture and gum positioning, which means that you bone will also be crooked and in the long run, it will lead to complications.

Saifee Family Dentistry welcomes you to visit its practice to learn more about the advantages of wearing Invisalign. Make an appointment with Dentist Spring and have your smile back.