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Taking care of your child’s teeth

Taking care of your child’s teeth

No parent can bear to see their child in pain. We have concerned fathers and mothers with their children visit us all the time. We can see that the child is in pain but we can also see how much pain the parent is in purely because they cannot do anything to help their child and make the pain go away. This is the worst part of a toothache; there aren’t any pills you can take to make the issue go away. When we see someone in pain we work swiftly to make them better. However we would like it even more if your children did not have to face such pain at all. While it is impossible to prevent all dental problems in children here are some tips which will keep them healthier and less prone to toothaches.

1) Teach them to brush

Children love brushing at the start. We would highly recommend teaching your children the right way to brush from the beginning so they always brush the right way. The first thing you need to tell the children is that they need to spend at least 2 minutes brushing their teeth. Next you need to tell them that the proper way of brushing does not involve simply cleaning the front teeth with hard strokes of the brush. Most kids just clean the front part and leave the other teeth dirty. This can result in infections and bad odor.

2) Make them avoid sticky candies

It would be great if your kid never ate candies but we are parents ourselves and we know how impossible it can be. Plus, candies in moderation are perfectly fine. We loved candy when we were a kid and we wouldn’t want to deprive any kid of all the candy. Most candy has a minor negative effect on your child’s teeth but even this can be managed with good dental care. The most problems happen due to sticky candies. They get stuck on children’s teeth and end up damaging the tooth. Don’t stop your kid from eating all candies, but stop them from eating the sticky kind. Kids just love candy and will gladly accept a non-sticky alternate.

3) Calcium

All those ads you see about milk and other dairy products aren’t lying. Your kids need to have a diet which helps their teeth grow. This means lots of milk and other dairy products. Make sure your children get the calcium they need to grow strong and healthy teeth.

4) Get a fun toothpaste and toothbrush

Do you want to ensure that your children take good care of their teeth? One of our favorite ways of doing so is getting them toothbrushes and toothpastes which they will want to use. You should get them a toothpaste that is in fun flavors like bubble gum. This is a fantastic motivator for encouraging children to use toothpaste every day. Get your kid a toothbrush with their favorite cartoon character on it and you won’t have to ever remind them to brush their teeth again.