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Why People Hesitate to Get Root Canal?

Why People Hesitate to Get Root Canal?

Why do people run away screaming when they hear the word root canal? At Dentist Spring, we have seen patients who hesitate and are unwilling to go through the procedure of a root canal. Even though they ultimately go through with the procedure, some still act wary. We attribute their distrustful attitude towards the root canal procedure to the common myths they might have heard growing up.

We are here to dispel some of those myths to help people deal with the possibility that the only way out of the pain is to get a root canal. Here are four myths that have sprout up overtime:

1. Root Canal is a Painful Procedure

People who do not have a tolerance for pain are the first ones to get out of the dental clinic, and never look back, until the toothache becomes too grave to handle. Don’t you see the irony of it all! Root canal is performed on a person to alleviate pain yet, people fear the procedure because of the pain. Our dentists will numb the area around your tooth so you feel the minimalist amount of pain when we perform the procedure. If you get it performed sooner, we might be even able to save your tooth.

2. Root Canal Will Make You Sick

Some people make the argument that root canal promotes the occurrence of health risks such as kidney disease, heart disease, and more. None of that it true though. You would be at risk of developing diseases and infections if you went to a dental clinic that did not use quality and standard procedures during the root canal. Dentist Spring can assure you that we only use the best and most modern tools to ease the pain.

3. Root Canal is Not Needed, as There is No Pain

The excruciating pain associated with an infected tooth can lead to several sleepless night, but why even let it get to that point. If you regularly visit your dentist for cleaning and examination, he/she will be able to catch the signs of tooth decay early on. If your dentist recommends you to get a root canal, you listen to him/her, even if your tooth has not begun to pain yet.

4. Root Canal Takes a Long Time

Most people tend to skip the root canal procedure because they think that it takes a long time and they do not have the time to make all the routinely visits to the dental clinic. It usually takes only visit to complete the root canal procedure, but it also depends on the number of teeth that require the procedure. After the main procedure is completed, you will only be requested to come back for a follow-up visit so the dentist can see that everything is normal.

For all your dental problems, visit Saifee Family Dentistry. Have a word with one of our qualified dentists at Dentist Spring to educate yourself on the benefits of getting a root canal done sooner than later.