Dental Examination in Spring, TX

Which Age is Best to Get Oral Exams?
If you wish to maintain optimal oral health, it is necessary to get regular dental checkups. They help to monitor the condition of your oral cavity and also aid in catching common dental issues at an early stage. Our qualified professionals at Saifee Family Dentistry offer routine dental examinations as a part of preventive dentistry. These exams not only assess your teeth but also evaluate the health of your gums, soft tissues, and jawbone. A dental examination in Spring, TX, is a simple procedure that does not involve any invasive measures. To protect your precious smile, we encourage you to book a dental exam with us today!

Which Age is Best to Get Oral Exams?

Dental examination in Spring, TX, is safe for both children and adults. American Dental Association recommends getting early dental checkups for children around the age of 6 months or when their first molars erupt. The purpose of these checkups is to evaluate the development of their teeth and jaws. Young kids with fully erupted primary teeth are highly susceptible to dental cavities, which can be prevented with routine dental exams.

Many adults are also at risk of tooth decay, dental infections, and periodontal diseases. Timely dental examinations can help to eliminate potential risk factors and prevent future complications.

What to Expect During a Dental Examination in Spring, TX?

Our experts perform a comprehensive oral exam to decide the best treatment options for maintaining a healthy smile. A routine dental examination in Spring, TX, includes the following:

  • History: We will begin by taking a detailed dental and medical history. It involves questions regarding your current symptoms, previous dental treatments, oral hygiene habits, medical conditions (such as diabetes, heart disease, cancer), etc. Mention all your symptoms in detail so our dentists can diagnose the likely cause.
  • Clinical Examination: Using a dental mirror and probe, we will gently inspect the condition of your teeth and surrounding gums. Based on your symptoms, we may perform specific exams for periodontal disease, oral cancer, or dental abscess. It is a painless procedure and does not need anesthesia.
  • Radiographic Assessment: Our dentists will perform dental x-rays, if necessary, to visualize the areas of your oral cavity that are not visible clinically. Dental x-rays are useful for diagnosing dental caries, root infections, periodontal disease, bone loss, and other oral issues.

Aftermath of a Dental Exam

If our team does not find any dental issues during your dental exam, we will provide you home care instructions to maintain proper oral hygiene. However, if we notice any areas of concern that require attention, we will devise a treatment plan accordingly. For example, in the case of dental caries, we will suggest a tooth-colored filling to restore your teeth. Our dentists recommend regular dental checkups twice yearly, but if you have any serious dental issues, we may increase the frequency of visits.

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A routine dental examination in Spring, TX, can help prevent dental caries, tooth infections, and gum diseases. Call us to book an appointment with our dental experts today!
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