Dental Implants, Spring, TX

Losing your teeth is no less than a nightmare. What if you have to smile for a picture, but your front tooth is missing? This is not where the horror ends; missing teeth can lead to oral health issues such as jaw bone loss, teeth misalignment, and more. Our dental implants in Spring, TX, can resolve your problems. Hence, head to our dental clinic for consultations and more!

Learn More About Dental Implants

When you visit our dental clinic in Spring, TX, our dentists will give you detailed guidance on what dental implants are. Comprising three parts — the artificial tooth root, the abutment, and the crown — dental implants are considered the best permanent tooth replacement option. After the empty socket has recovered, our oral surgeon surgically places the titanium root in it. The titanium root provides a strong foundation for the dental crown, which is placed on the post using the abutment.

Dental Implants
Advantages Dental Implants

Benefits of Dental Implants

There is not one but multiple reasons why dentists emphasize the advantages of dental implants. Our dental specialist will give you an in-depth view of the world of tooth implants. And with our high-quality dental implants in Spring, TX, you can look forward to a wide range of benefits at a reasonable price. The advantages of dental implants include the following:

  • Enhanced speech
  • Low possibility of oral health issues
  • No difficulties in eating or speaking
  • Easy to maintain
  • Minimum complications
  • Durable and lasting
  • Increased self-confidence

What Our Dental Implant Procedure in Spring, TX, Involves

Our implant dentist in Spring, TX, ensures that your comfort is not compromised when it comes to dental procedures. Therefore, you can expect comfort and convenience when you visit our dentist. First, our dental team will conduct dental examinations and x-rays to determine if you are eligible for tooth implants. Today’s dental advancements and technologies make it possible to improve your candidacy for the procedure. However, sometimes, the patient’s oral health does not allow treatments such as dental implants. In such cases, our oral surgeon will treat the dental concern, proceeding with another alternative.

If you are a suitable candidate for dental implants, our dentist in Spring, TX, will create an impression of your mouth. The impressions help create a fake tooth that resembles your natural teeth. Then, we will place the metal post beneath your gum line to create a durable synthetic root system. The artificial root will take a few months to fuse with your jawbone in a process called osseointegration. Once the recovery is complete, our oral surgeon will proceed with placing the abutment. Again, we will wait for your gums to heal. Healed gums indicate that it is finally time to put on a dental crown. By the end of the procedure, you will have a perfect smile once again!

Does Insurance Cover Dental Implants in Spring, Tx?

Many insurance providers do not offer coverage for dental implants since they consider it to be a part of cosmetic dentistry. However, your dental insurance might cover the cost to some extent if it is a part of your medical plan. Our dental team will talk to your provider to evaluate the final cost and payment. Moreover, we will aim to maximize your benefits and reduce the out-of-pocket costs as much as possible. And if you do not have insurance, you can always browse through our convenient payment plans.

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If you want to replace your missing teeth with dental implants, head to our dental clinic for a consultation. Our affordable dental implants in Spring, TX, are effective in eliminating the consequences that come with lost teeth. Hence, wait no more! Dial (281) 350-5600 to talk to us now.