How Long Do Fillings Take?

May 15, 202416 Views

Dental fillings are important in preventing tooth decay and restoring a tooth’s shape and function. While cavities are painful and can cause discomfort, a filling relieves the pain and strengthens your tooth. The process is simple, but if you’re wondering, “How long do fillings take?” then keep reading. Why are Dental Fillings Necessary? Dental enamel […]

9 Tooth Infection-Friendly Food Items

Apr 30, 2024142 Views

Tooth infection occurs when the region surrounding your teeth becomes infected with germs. The early stage, known as gingivitis, can be reversed with proper mouth hygiene. The next stage, periodontitis, is more difficult to cure. However, you can fight these infections by consuming the appropriate foods. In this blog, we’ll list the 9 food items […]

Top 10 Things You Can’t Do After Wisdom Teeth Removal

Apr 15, 2024605 Views

Wisdom teeth removal is quite common and usually less complicated. However, the recovery period still requires care to ensure proper healing and treatment success. While you might think of resuming your usual activities right away, certain things can actually disrupt your healing process. We have dedicated this blog to specifically discussing the dos and don’ts […]

Are Hpv Bumps On The Back Of Your Tongue Serious?

Mar 30, 2024422 Views

Did you know that Human Papillomavirus, or HPV, is a common virus that tends to affect your body? One of its signature symptoms is warts or mini bumps that grow all over your skin. However, it is not just your skin that gets affected; your mouth can fall victim to HPV, too, leading to flesh-colored […]

Why Are You Dizzy When You Wake Up?

Mar 15, 2024432 Views

If you wake up feeling distorted or unsteady, it may be a signal from your body that something is wrong. From dehydration to sleep apnea, any condition could be a factor. If the latter concerns you, this blog will explain why you feel dizzy when you wake up due to sleep apnea. The Relationship Between […]

How Long Is The Wait Until A Tooth Infection Kills You?

Feb 29, 2024596 Views

A tooth infection often starts slowly and presents with symptoms like a sharp ache or lingering tooth sensitivity. Catching and treating it in the early stage is possible and almost 100% successful. However, in case of negligence, it may even be fatal. So, how long is the wait until a tooth infection kills you? Tooth […]

A Brief Guide To Properly Clean Your Night Guard

Feb 15, 2024814 Views

If your dentist has provided you with a night guard to keep bruxism pain at bay, keep in mind to maintain it so that your instrument lasts long. Learning how to adequately clean your night guard is very important to attain maximum benefits. Fortunately, the steps are quite simple. Take this blog as your initial […]

What Can Dental X-rays Reveal Other Than Tooth Decay?

Jan 30, 20241096 Views

Dental X-rays are a good diagnostic means that serve detailed information about teeth and roots that are not visible to the naked eye. The good news is that dental X-rays can reveal things other than tooth decay, like gum disease, tooth and root positions, cancers, tumors, etc. What Does An Oral X-ray Reveal Other Than […]

How Long Does A Root Canal Last In General?

Jan 15, 2024843 Views

Root canals are the safety net that prevents you from losing a tooth that is a threat to your oral cavity. It is done by extracting the inner pulp, followed by cleaning, reshaping, and sterilization of the root canal, making it last decades or even forever. How Long Can You Expect a Root Canal To […]

Why Are Professionally Made Night Guards Better?

Dec 30, 2023383 Views

Waking up with pain in teeth that gradually goes down with time is not normal. If you are a nocturnal teeth grinder, protecting your teeth from the harmful effects of this involuntary habit is essential. The good news is that the world of dentistry has devices like Night guards that offer a protective solution. However, […]


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