7 Tips To Make Sure Your Lumineers Last For A Very Long Time!

May 30, 202357 Views

When it comes to upgrading your smile — with minimum alteration to your natural pearly whites — there is no better option than Lumineers. Not only are they semi-permanent, but there’s no scaling or shaving of teeth involved. This means that if you ever feel like going back to your roots, you won’t have to […]

The Invisible Solution: A Step-by-Step Guide to How Invisalign Works

May 15, 2023595 Views

When people hear about teeth-straightening procedures, the first thing they think of is metal braces. After all, it’s a classic treatment, dating back to the 1800s. But thanks to modern dentistry, you now have the option of choosing between traditional metal braces vs. the new and sleek Invisalign. Not only does Invisalign appear completely invisible […]

Dental Implants vs. Dentures: What’s the Right Choice for Your Oral Health?

Apr 30, 2023754 Views

Losing your teeth can be a huge ordeal. Whether due to an accident or natural causes, missing teeth can lead to severe health and self-esteem issues. That is why to combat the extremities of these conditions; restorative dentistry was born. No matter how many missing teeth you may have, restorative dentistry has plenty of options […]

7 Things To Look For In A Dental Implant Specialist in Spring, TX

Apr 15, 2023919 Views

Given the permanent nature of dental implants, getting them is a huge commitment. It is a long and invasive procedure, one that requires an equally experienced dentist. So, rather than rushing to get a new titanium tooth, take some time, do your research, and choose the best viable option. Luckily, we’re here to tell you […]

Tartar Broke Off While Flossing: How Does It Happen?

Mar 30, 20231493 Views

Although flossing is a tedious task, there’s just something about the way your teeth feel after — all squeaky clean and free of food, that makes it all worth it. But sometimes, improper flossing can cause the tartar on the back of your teeth to fall away. This can seem scary at first but don’t […]

4 Ways To Get Rid of Calcium Deposits On Teeth

Feb 28, 2023982 Views

You’ve probably grown up hearing all about the benefits of milk. After all, calcium is essential for maintaining good health — be it for your bones or teeth, calcium is a mineral that does it all. It is especially wonderful for your teeth, given how it can strengthen and protect your pearly whites against all […]

How To Get Rid Of Stains On Teeth | 5 Easy Methods To Try

Feb 15, 20231104 Views

Do you ever find yourself shying away from the camera, too ashamed to smile at the lens? Or perhaps you cover your mouth while talking, embarrassed by the stubborn stains on your teeth? No matter the reason, it can be exhausting to always be on the lookout, feeling self-conscious about something as simple as the […]

How Long Do Veneers Last? | Can Veneers Last Your Whole Life?

Jan 30, 2023933 Views

Investing in a dental procedure is a huge decision. It can be pretty nerve-wracking to choose the perfect treatment. After all, no one wants to undergo invasive surgery if the end result isn’t worth the while. So, how exactly does one choose the perfect dental treatment? Is there a procedure that lasts long, doesn’t require […]

Can You Eat After A Root Canal, Or Do You Have To Wait?

Jan 15, 2023693 Views

Root canals are known to be intense yet highly satisfying. The relief of no longer having bacteria clung to your teeth is unlike any other. However, given the thorough procedure, you might feel drained or, at times, even hungry. But can you eat after a root canal? If you’ve just had your root canal done […]