Why Are You Dizzy When You Wake Up?

March 15, 2024

If you wake up feeling distorted or unsteady, it may be a signal from your body that something is wrong. From dehydration to sleep apnea, any condition could be a factor. If the latter concerns you, this blog will explain why you feel dizzy when you wake up due to sleep apnea.

The Relationship Between Waking Up Dizzy and Sleep Apnea

  • Low Oxygen Levels: One of the major issues with sleep apnea is multiple intermittent pauses while breathing during sleep. This leads to less oxygen levels in the blood, depriving your body of the right amount. This dip in oxygen makes you dizzy when you wake up in the morning.
  • Cerebrovascular Disorders: Sleep apnea increases the risk of developing cerebrovascular disorders like stroke. Such conditions affect blood flow to the brain, causing dizziness or other neurological symptoms.
  • Inner Ear Issues: The vestibular system in your ear functions to maintain balance. In the case of sleep apnea, blood flow to the inner ear is negatively affected, resulting in dizziness or vertigo upon waking up.
  • Cardiovascular Effects: Sleep apnea is one of the contributors to cardiovascular problems such as high blood pressure and heart disease. The disruption of oxygenated blood circulation leads to dizziness as a symptom.

Can CPAP Help Dizziness Associated With Sleep Apnea?

Continuous Positive Airway Pressure (CPAP) therapy helps deal with sleep apnea, ultimately relieving dizziness when you wake up. It improves sleep quality by enhancing oxygenation saturation and treating underlying breathing disturbances.

This machine ensures that oxygen has a good continuous flow to prevent airway obstructions. CPAP therapy treats the root cause of sleep apnea, helping to improve overall sleep quality and reduce dizziness upon waking up.

This therapy needs consistency to get the maximum benefits. It may not happen immediately, but it significantly improves dizziness symptoms associated with sleep disorders after some time.

Other Reasons For Waking Up Dizzy Every Morning

Waking up dizzy may be driven by sleep apnea, but there are other reasons why this might be happening:

  1. Medication Side Effects: Certain medications cause dizziness especially when they are taken in the morning. It is essential to learn about your medication with a healthcare provider to identify any potential reasons that may deviate normalcy.
  2. Dehydration: Inadequate water intake or excessive loss because of sweating can lead to dehydration. This might make you dizzy when you wake up.
  3. Heart Conditions: Heart failure may lead to bad circulation and low blood pressure, causing dizziness due to reduced blood flow to the brain.
  4. Low Blood Sugar: Those with diabetes or people who skip meals experience low blood sugar levels in the morning. Eating a balanced breakfast and regular blood sugar monitoring can help manage this issue.
  5. Vertigo and Inner Ear Disorders: Inner ear problems like benign paroxysmal positional vertigo (BPPV) or Meniere’s disease are a major cause of vertigo and dizziness, particularly when changing positions.

Closing Note

If you experience frequent dizzy spells when you wake up and suspect sleep apnea as a potential culprit, contact Dr. Husein Alibhai, an active member of the American Dental Association at Saifee Family Dentistry to learn more about what we have in store for you. For details, dial (281) 350-5600 or visit us at our dental office.


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