Dental Extraction in Spring, TX

Dental Extraction
A tooth extraction is a sophisticated dental surgery generally requiring dentists who hold special expertise in the field. The process of extraction may require the use of forceps to pull the tooth out. It is to be understood that a tooth has deep roots and to pull out a tooth with its entire roots is a complicated procedure.Generally when the infection of the tooth reaches the pulp or even when the root canal treatment is non workable, an extraction becomes the only viable option. Sometimes the tooth is fixed too tightly with the gums; it may require a minor cutting of the gums. Once the tooth is removed it may cause a pool of blood on the empty space requiring some self dissolving stitches. The procedure is carried out under anesthesia to avoid any discomfort of the patient. Measuring the need and feasibility of the procedure Dr. Husein AliBhai, will undertake the necessary measures.