Dentures in Spring, TX

People who have lost their natural teeth due to aging, dental trauma, cavities, or gum disease, may suffer from its negative impacts on their daily life. Missing teeth leave a prominent gap that affects your smile aesthetics and makes it difficult to bite and chew normally. Fortunately, Saifee Family Dentistry has convenient solutions for all your dental concerns. Our esteemed dentists offer personalized dentures in Spring, TX, that aim to retrieve your confident smile and oral functions. We design our dentures with high-quality materials that, unlike traditional dentures, provide a more natural-looking finish. So if you are looking for affordable tooth replacement options, visit our clinic or contact us to book an appointment today!

Types of Custom-Fit Dentures in Spring, TX

Types of Custom-Fit Dentures in Spring, TX

Based on the number of missing teeth in your oral cavity, our dentists will recommend removable partial or complete dentures to replace your missing teeth. These dentures are custom-fabricated to match the contours of your jawbone and teeth.

  • Complete Dentures
    Complete dentures in Spring, TX, are ideal for replacing an entire upper or lower arch of missing teeth. If you have lost all teeth, we can replace them with a full set of complete dentures for both arches. They have an acrylic base that fits snugly over your gums, providing adequate retention. We may add a metal framework to the acrylic base for better support and retention.
  • Partial Dentures
    If you have lost a few teeth within an arch but most adjacent teeth are healthy, we fill in the gaps using partial denture. Partial dentures rely on support from your jawbone and healthy teeth. They also have an acrylic base and metal hooks that loop around supporting teeth for securing the denture in place.

Process of Removable Dentures in Spring, TX

Initial Exam

The first step of the denture process is a comprehensive oral exam. During this, we will evaluate the condition of your jawbone, gums, and remaining teeth to decide the ideal tooth replacement option for you.

Dental Impression

Once our dentist finalizes a type of denture suitable for your needs, we will record a dental impression of your upper and lower arch and send them to a dental lab. If tooth extraction has been done, we will perform this step 4-6 weeks after healing.

Fitting and Adjustment

After your new dentures are ready, we will call you for a second visit to test their fitting. Our dentist will perform any necessary adjustments to ensure that the denture fits securely in your mouth and does not hurt soft tissues. Once we are finished, you will be ready to walk home with a dazzling new smile!

Enhance Your Smile Today With Custom-Fit Dentures

Whether you have lost a few or all teeth, we have the best replacement options to restore your dental functions and aesthetics. Our customized dentures in Spring, TX, provide an exact replica of your teeth, helping you gain an attractive smile! Call us today at (281) 350-5600 to schedule an appointment with our qualified dentists.

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