Teeth Filling For Front Teeth: What is it Like?

December 15, 2022

Cavities are known to wreak havoc. Once you get them, getting rid of them is close to impossible. That is unless you get it professionally treated. Even then, you have to act quickly before the cavity reaches deeper inside your tooth.

Not to mention, most people get cavities on the back tooth, so there isn’t much to worry about. But that doesn’t mean your front teeth are invincible. The only question is, how do teeth filling for front teeth work?

Well, luckily for you, we discuss all the inner workings of a front tooth cavity and dental treatment right here in this blog.

Can You Get Teeth Filling on Your Front Teeth?

Of course, you can! Since your teeth have ridges and rough bumps on the back surface, it’s not uncommon for food particles to get stuck on them. This causes bacteria to nestle onto the area and slowly eat through the enamel of your front teeth.

Moreover, poor oral hygiene just adds to the already worsening condition of your pearly whites. Besides losing their shine, they also start to weaken. This is why monitoring your diet and brushing your teeth are such crucial habits.

However, there are cases where a cavity on your front teeth can be caused by a hereditary condition. But either way, maintaining your oral hygiene can prevent a lot of dental damage.

Are Fillings on Front Teeth Painful?

Everyone has a different scale of pain tolerance, which is why there isn’t a definite answer to this question. However, it’s important to note that a dental filling for your front teeth is going to be the same as any other. That is to say, although the procedure isn’t painful, there may be slight discomfort.

In addition, if you still feel like it’s too painful for you to handle, you can tell your dentist. Chances are, your dentist will apply a numbing gel or anesthetic to the affected area to prevent sensitivity.

This way, you won’t feel any pain or discomfort at all!

What is it like Getting Teeth Filling For Your Front Teeth?

A front teeth cavity treatment is pretty much the same if it were anywhere else. Dentists make sure to fix the cavity on your front teeth with special teeth filling. The material is mostly porcelain or composite rather than silver amalgam. The reason behind this choice is only due to the aesthetic of a white filling.

Since your front teeth are the most visible and frame your smile, having a silver filling poking out from underneath would only ruin the aesthetic. Thus, most dentists opt for a composite resin filling.

First, the affected tooth is cleaned, removing any cavity-ridden surface. Then, a composite resin is applied to your front teeth. This teeth filling is then bonded and cured under a UV light.

How Long Does a Front Teeth Filling Last?

A composite dental filling typically lasts for around 5 to 7 years. Although its lifespan is shorter than its other counterparts, a composite filling still stays in place for a long time. You can also extend its lifespan by paying attention to your teeth and gums. To do so, incorporate brushing and flossing into your daily routine.

Final Words

Getting teeth filling for your front teeth isn’t uncommon. As long as you treat it soon, you’re good to go.

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