Can Whitening Strips Crack Your Teeth For Real?

September 15, 2023

Who does not want a bright, white smile that lights up an entire room? Many options, like teeth whitening strips, are available for that. But, have you ever wondered how the whitening process works its magic? Are they actually good for your teeth, or do OTC whitening strips really crack your teeth? 

The Science of Teeth Whitening

First things first, you must know that whitening strips do not directly crack your teeth, but they may cause certain damage if not used properly. The main player in this game is hydrogen peroxide. This chemical is present in all teeth-whitening products. However, recent research has raised a lot of concerns about its potential to harm the dentin layer beneath your enamel surface. Lab tests found hydrogen peroxide broke down collagen in dentin. But before you toss your whitening strips out, know that dentists believe this might not be a concern in everyday use.

Beware of Re-Staining

Once you go for at-home teeth whitening, they become vulnerable to re-staining. So, take a step back before indulging in dark delights such as wine, tea, coffee, and fruits like blueberries or chocolate for a few days. But do not worry; as long as you do not overdo it (probably not more than two times a year), teeth whitening products are generally considered safe and effective. 

Teeth Whitening Options

Now that we are through with science, it is time to explore the various teeth whitening choices. 

Teeth Whitening with a Dentist

Custom-Made Teeth Whitening Kit

This process involves a trip to your dentist for a precise dental impression. From this, a custom bleaching tray is made to fit snugly over your teeth. This tray serves a dual purpose: it keeps the whitening gel in place and protects your delicate gums. The gel in the tray contains hydrogen peroxide to whiten your teeth.

In-Office Whitening

This is a dental office procedure where the whitening gel goes to your teeth’s surface, and then a powerful light is shown on it to speed up the process. Do not worry about your gums since an insulating agent is applied for protection. 

Teeth Whitening Without a Dentist

  1. Teeth Whitening Toothpaste: These are readily available and do not require a prescription. However, they contain minimal active whitening agents due to legal restrictions. 
  2. Tooth Whitening Sticks: You can find them easily at your local pharmacy or similar stores. They are a semi-translucent white covering that temporarily hides tooth discoloration. 
  3. Teeth Whitening Strips: These whitening strips contain an active ingredient for active teeth whitening. But for safety reasons, the amount of this active ingredient is significantly lower than what professionals use. 

Closing Note

In a nutshell, while hydrogen peroxide’s impact on dentin raises questions, teeth-whitening products remain a popular choice for many. The best option is to choose professional teeth whitening for optimal and long-lasting results. Get in touch with experts from Saifee Family Dentistry. Just give us a call at (281) 350-5600 or visit 21212 Kuykendahl Rd E, Spring, TX 77379, right next to Game Stop and Tutti Frutti Yogurt Bar.


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