Exercising After Wisdom Tooth Extraction – Is It Allowed?

September 30, 2023

If you are a fitness enthusiast and up for a wisdom tooth extraction, we can understand your concern regarding missing the daily grind. Well, every situation differs, so there is no one answer-fits-all solution. Usually, it takes around 7 to 10 days for the extraction site to properly heal and the blood clot to develop and strengthen itself. Therefore, the best choice is to avoid exercising during this span. However, you can walk if you feel the need to move your body, but nothing too strenuous. Read on to learn why heavy exercising is prohibited after wisdom teeth extraction.

Why You Shouldn’t Exercise After Wisdom Tooth Extraction

The days of pain and agony are over after wisdom tooth extraction, but you must give your body adequate time to rest and leave it to heal. Exercising too soon is risky because any strain on the extraction site can lead to a dry socket, an excruciatingly painful condition that you would never wish to suffer from.

But how is the extraction site at risk of developing a dry socket due to work out? Blood clot formation is a given at the extraction site after tooth removal that serves as a natural shield, protecting the exposed bone and nerves. If this clot is displaced due to strenuous exercise, pain, bad breath, and a bad taste in your mouth are inevitable.

The First 24 Hours

If you have had sedation, either oral, IV or general anesthesia, the first thing you must put on the checklist is to give yourself a break for the rest of the day. Exercising while you are recovering is risky for a lot of reasons.

In the initial 24 hours post wisdom tooth extraction, steer clear of physical activity because this timeframe is pivotal for healing and allowing that blood clot to do its job. Take adequate rest, watch a movie, and do not forget to replace your gauze with a fresh one if it becomes saturated with blood.

Other than avoiding strenuous exercise, steer clear of heavy lifting and bending over. This helps prevent a rise in your blood pressure. Elevated BP interferes with the healing process and results in excess bleeding.

When Can You Get Back to Exercising?

Now, let’s address the burning question, “When can I hit the gym again?” Well, it usually takes about a week to ten days for your extraction site to completely heal. During this time, it is best to hold off on intense workouts. However, if you want to stay active, consider a gentle walk in the park, but nothing else.

Closing Note

Recovering from wisdom tooth extraction is a mix of patience and meticulous care. Remember to rest in the first 24 hours and perform no strenuous exercise. Once you are through this phase, gradually reintroduce exercise into your routine. In case you have more questions, contact professionals from Saifee Family Dentistry of Spring at (281) 350-5600 to learn more from us. For details, visit us at 21212 Kuykendahl Rd E, Spring, TX 77379, next to GameStop and Tutti Frutti Yogurt Bar.


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